Thursday, June 15, 2017

Glimpse of Relief

Why can't you realize
that I know you are
there and you can't
read my gift?

When did I do something
to deserve this evil that
you put in me and keep
on torturing me with?

When everyone involved
becomes lab rats too
I wonder what you'll do
and how you'll feel.

Thanks to too many
drugs I made my mind
unbreakable and
solid as steel.

I lived through your
brainwashing and your
attempt to reprogram
my system of belief.

Now it's only when I'm
high as fuck or busting
a nut that I feel a
glimpse of relief.

The constant puppetry
of everything around
would drive most
humans insane.

I have only endured
it much better than
others because my life's
been nothing but pain.

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