Thursday, June 15, 2017

Nothing but Misery

You never feel
complete when you
factor in your
actual loss.

I tried to mettle
with it causing
me to break even
on the cost.

Someone tried to
give me a bit of
truth within a tale
I couldn't follow.

Your excuses
were quite good
but still something
I couldn't swallow.

A lie in
real time brought
back nothing
but misery.

That move against
it completed
my heart
broken memory.

I was left alone
again to be
devoured by the
high volume
of silence.

A dreadful journey
down a trail
that lead to
my rebellion
and defiance.

I just hope
that in the end the
truth shall become
what's known.

I keep needing
to change something
or I'll always
be cold and alone.

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