Thursday, June 15, 2017

Freak on Exhibit

As soon as
I arrived I
knew that I
had fucked up again.

I'm not sure
that I'll ever
be shown mercy
or allowed to win.

Not only am I a
loser but it
seems my faith
is no more.

I'm lost in a sea
of doubt and I'm
still unwanted
as a whore.

My trials and
tribulations have
left me defeated
and in disarray.

I'm the outcast, the
freak on exhibit
to everyone's
disregard and dismay

I thought I was
special and there
was more to my
life than this.

Now I am resolute
in being a mistake
that no one will
ever miss.

I'm bound to stay in this life
while I'm on earth so that
I can endure torture
and not be free.

I only find comfort in the
the fact that God's vengeance
will one day torture
those that tortured me.

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